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ABOUT NPC Northland Pioneer College has one of the lowest tuition rates in Arizona: only $77 per credit! You’ll save thousands on your education and even more if you intend to continue on to earn a bachelor’s degree. You’ll enjoy smaller class sizes and personalized attention from faculty and staff who care about your success. Our current students say that this...
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7 Easy Steps to Enroll at NPC

Our website is your best source for information. Yes, You Can Afford College! NPC understands that college can be expensive, and that’s why we work so hard to keep costs low. A quality education does NOT have to mean higher costs. Financial aid and scholarships are available. All students who wish to apply for financial assistance, including scholarships, must start by...
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Get Started Now on Your Future Career at NPC

Northland Pioneer College is ready to help you get started on a path to a new career and new opportunities. With more than 70 associate degrees and certificate programs available, a new career is easy to attain. We’ll help you chart a course that’s right for you. The following list provides a snapshot of the programs NPC offers and national average incomes in their respective field. For...
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A Quality Education

A review of student outcome data for Arizona’s 10 community college districts in 2018 ranks NPC No.1 in course completion rate for College Algebra and English Composition II. Overall, NPC has the second-highest completion rate of college-level work among the state’s community college districts! NPC’s 86.2 percent completion rate for Composition II (English 102) and 89.6 percent...
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Bio-Blitz Benefits Students: Real-life experience being brought back to the classroom

Students at Northland Pioneer College gain added learning benefits from instructors who bring valuable experience into their classrooms. Psychology, Computer Information Systems and Biology are noteworthy examples. Biology instructor Patricia Lopez worked in wildlife conservation and management at Arizona Game and Fish for 10 years, and while on sabbatical last fall, she contributed to the...

Transforming Lives By Building Futures

“I never finished high school. I got in trouble a lot and was in and out of jail and only made it through 11th grade. I knew that I needed to make a change in my life.” Since those troubled days, White-river resident and Native American Vaughn Willeto, now age 27, has transformed his life through NPC’s Integrated Education and Training (IET) pro-gram. IET fast-tracks disadvantaged youth...
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Free Tuition at an Arizona State University? Yes, it starts at Northland Pioneer College.

Tuition waivers, valued at over $240,000, were awarded to 12 All-Arizona Academic Team students from Northland Pioneer College to complete their bachelor’s degrees at one of Arizona’s three public universities. The Arizona Board of Regents awards the waivers, for up to 60 credits, to encourage the state’s top scholars to finish their education. [caption id="attachment_81"...
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Reader’s Digest Lists NPC As Least Expensive Community College in AZ

A Reader’s Digest article lists Northland Pioneer College as the least expensive community college in the state of Arizona! In fact, NPC’s low tuition of $2,250 per year was the fifth lowest in the entire country, behind community colleges in Texas and California as well as two Native American institutions in New Mexico and North Dakota. Huffington Post writer Lauren Cahn compiled the...
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New Program: Surgical Technology

Responding to requests from regional healthcare partners, Northland Pioneer College will  become the third community college in Arizona offering an associate’s degree in Surgical Technology.  The demand for certified surgical technologists is high, locally and nationally, and by 2021 this occupation will require an associate degree, which will be offered by NPC. The U.S. Bureau of Labor...
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The Sky’s the Limit!

NPC spring ’19 graduate Raney Pate is aiming sky-high in her career aspirations to make life better for people. She’s preparing for a career in aerospace engi-neering, a field that deals with designing and build-ing machines that fly. At the same time, she is raising awareness and funds for research that could lead to treatment for people who have an incurable disease. For the past six...
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Having a Barrel of Fun!

The next contestant in the barrel race positions her horse at an open gate on the far end of the rodeo arena. She pauses momentarily, focuses and then spurs her horse into a gallop. If that rider looks familiar to some NPC students, it’s because her name is Gail Campbell and the day before she was directing the Education, College & Career Preparation division at NPC’s Holbrook campus. She...

Finding Success: Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

The achievement of one’s career goal does not mean following a smoothly paved path. Dr. Chet Adams encountered twists, turns and bumps on his journey to dental school, but he refused to abandon his dream. Today he is serving the dental needs of people in the White Mountains and is active in serving the community. He was the spring 2018 winner of the NPC Outstanding Alumnus Award. Adams...

Lights, Camera, Action! Three NPC students revive the love of theatre and film in Winslow

Two NPC Film and Digital Video (FDV) students made major contributions to a popular new community arts event in Winslow last January. Thanks in large part to their efforts, the 2019 Winslow Cinema Festival drew more than 300 attendees in its debut! NPC student Larrilynn Oso created and co-chaired the festival’s organizing committee along with Roberta Cano, the Community Service Coordinator for...
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GED = $10,000 more income per year!

Earning your high school equivalency diploma adds 33 percent more money to your lifetime earnings! In just one year, that adds up to about $10,000 more in income. That's 10 months or more of rent payments or a reliable used car. It's a goal well worth achieving. NPC can help you achieve that goal by helping you to prepare for the General Education Diploma (GED®) and expand your career...
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Welcome to Northland Pioneer College

Welcome to the ninth edition of Northland Pioneer College’s CareerFocus magazine, sharing student success stories and articles about the programs and learning opportunities that are changing the lives of area residents. This issue focuses on one of our most successful career-training programs: welding. In partnership with the Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology (NAVIT),...


A job that offers a sizable paycheck, lots of job opportunities across many industries and the opportunity to travel the world if you wish to! When you enroll at Northland Pioneer College to learn welding, you’ll build the foundation for awesome career opportunities for yourself. Welding is one of the top NPC programs in terms of graduates gaining employment, and now is a great time to train...
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