College students and residents of Northeastern Arizona in the market for employment can significantly sharpen their job-hunting skills by consulting with NPC’s Career Services. John Spadaccini, (bottom right photo) the director of Career Services, is a trusted professional who will equip you with smart job search strategies, including how to write a winning résumé and cover letter, develop confident inter-viewing skills and more. He provides one-on-one training, career workshops and also coordinates job fairs. All these services are available to you for free!

Paul Berry

Community member Paul Barry, of Snow-flake, is one of the many people who can speak from personal experience on how NPC’s Career Services prepare you for a job search. Four years ago, Barry was at a stage in his career where he was ready for a job change. He had heard about NPC’s Career Services and consulted with Spadaccini to sharpen his job-hunting skills. 

“John tweaked my résumé, helped me with some mock interviews and more,” Barry recalls. Before long, he got hired for a general engineering construction job with Quanta Service, a solar power generating company in California.

Barry has since returned to this area and now manages Banker Insulation in Snowflake. He continues to use the skills and techniques he learned from Spadaccini to advance his career and enthusiastically urges job seekers to use this free service.

Barry says, “I can’t stress enough how helpful John is for someone looking for work. He’s the guy you talk to and is really dedicated to helping people find good jobs. He follows up with you to ask how your job
search is going. John does an amazing job and is really concerned about people’s ability to be gainfully employed,” Barry says.

This service is open to all residents of Navajo and Apache counties. For more information on how NPC Career Services can help you, contact John Spadaccini.