Earn College Credit In High School

Obtaining a college degree is a smart choice for your future. The median earnings per year for a person with an associate degree is $9,400 higher than for someone with just a high school diploma and with a bachelor’s degree, it is $21,100 higher. A college degree also gives you an edge over those who don’t have one when applying for jobs.

You can get a head start on your degree by taking college-level classes during your regular high school day through NPC’s Dual Enrollment program. Your high school will cover all the costs, including books and fees, but students must meet all NPC course prerequisites and test scores. Completing these courses will shorten the time after high school needed to earn a degree, thus saving you a lot of college expense.

For academically advanced high school students, it’s an opportunity to earn an associate degree for free at the same time they earn their high school diploma!

Dual Grads

Ché Shockey and B’Jorn Hinderberger earned both their high school diploma and associate degree at the same time through NPC’s dual enrollment program.

Sequoia Village Charter School students Jenna Ché Shockey and B’Jorn Hinderberger are just two examples of high school seniors receiving their NPC degrees at the same time as their high school diplomas. Both have been taking college-level courses since the eighth grade.

“Dual enrollment is a great opportunity for students in NPC’s service area,” commented Shockey, who is president of the NPC Student Government Association. Shockey is also one of 13 NPC students selected to the All-Arizona Academic Team, earning a tuition waiver to complete her bachelor’s degree in business at ASU.

“I saved thousands on tuition. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me and I would recommend it to every-one,” said Hinderberger, who is only two courses shy of completing two associate degrees! He is considering remaining at NPC for another year before transferring to ASU to study computer programming.

By completing general education courses and their associate degrees at NPC, both will start ASU as juniors instead of freshman. NPC has four associate degrees that are guaranteed to fully transfer to any Arizona state university. That means big savings on university expenses and college debt.

After high school graduation, if you still have courses to take to complete your associate degree, NPC is still your best choice. Why? Because NPC has one of the lowest tuition rates in the state of Arizona while still providing a quality education with small class sizes and personalized attention from faculty. And you won’t need to go into debt just to pay for expensive housing and meal plans. Start smart, and use the money you save at NPC to help you pay for university expenses.

For those interested in taking college-level courses while in high school, contact NPC’s High School Programs Coordinator at (800) 266-7845, ext. 6272.