NPC_MaverickEach year, many students transfer from NPC to a university to seek
a four-year degree and career success. Amie Rodgers transferred from NPC to Northern Arizona University (NAU) in 2005 and went on to enjoy a highly successful career as a journalist in the White Mountains.

Rodgers earned her bachelor’s degree in public agency service at NAU, along with magna cum laude honors. For more than a decade, she has been a local community advocate extraordinaire as the editor and publisher of The Maverick magazine.

This popular, sought-after guide to high country living serves local communities with stories on events, dining, the arts, culture, home and garden, family and much more.  The Show Low and Pinetop-Lakeside chambers of commerce have both recognized Rodgers’ outstanding work by giving her distinguished awards. She also received NPC’s Fall 2016 Outstanding Alumni Award.

Rodgers made the most of her NPC-to-state-university education and highly recommends it as a path to success for others.

“NPC is one of our area’s greatest resources for students of all ages and aspirations,” Rodgers says. “In my case, I was able to continue my edu-cation while building a community-oriented business. This dream wouldn’t have been realized if I had moved away to pursue my degree. By offering a smooth transfer to NAU with resources on campus, NPC allowed me to stay just where I wanted to without sacrificing my educational goals.”

NPC offers five guaranteed university transfer degrees to choose from, at a huge cost savings in tuition. Rodgers says, “I got a quality start to my education at NPC and the instructors truly cared about my success. They encouraged and helped me build the confidence I needed to fulfill my dreams.”

Navajo County boasts many local business owners who started their path to career success at NPC, and our local economies benefit from the jobs and opportunities these NPC graduates provide.

“NPC offers such a wide range of educational opportunities, it should not be overlooked,” Rodgers says. “The college’s role in our local community is vital, and we are lucky to have that opportunity right here in our backyard.”

– Dennis Durband