NPC_AZ_transferYes, NPC courses do transfer.

There is a misconception that NPC credits won’t transfer to Arizona’s three state universities.

That simply isn’t true.

Addressing a charge from the Arizona Legislature, the state’s universities, community colleges and Board of Regents developed the Arizona Transfer System to ensure students can seamlessly transfer between the state’s community colleges and public universities.

NPC students can easily see which courses are guaranteed to transfer to the state universities using the course equivalency guide at Use this site to ensure you select transferable courses that meet degree requirements at the university you plan to attend.

Supplementing the course equivalency guides, the AZ Transfer System developed the SUN course numbering system to make it easier to find direct transfer general education courses. Find the SUN icon in NPC’s college catalog course descriptions to quickly spot general education courses with direct university equivalencies. has everything you need to plan a smooth and seamless transfer from NPC to ASU, NAU or UofA without losing your hard-earned credits.